A DECISION on whether to approve plans for a Tesco superstore in Barnoldswick has been deferred by councillors.

Tesco want to build a 35.000 sq ft supermarket at the junction of Wellhouse Road and Skipton Road, creating 175 jobs.

Councillors on the West Craven Committee discussed the scheme at a meeting attended by over 200 residents this week.

But no decision was made at the meeting as councillors asked for more information.

Neil Watson, planning and building control manager for Pendle Council, said: “Councillors have requested more information on whether this is the best site for a supermarket and what the retail impact would be on the town.

“And as we've also received an application from Pendle Projects Limited on another site with the named operator Aldi, a further meeting will take place to discuss both applications.”

Bosses at Aldi, who want to build a smaller 10,000 sq ft store on land off Skipton Road and West Close Road had asked for decisions on both schemes to be made at the same time.