A CAFE popular with walkers has launched a new menu – just for dogs.

Cafe Cargo, in Foulridge, is proving a big hit with the canine community since it launched its new menu just before Easter.

The cafe, situated on the canal, now offers 14 different meals for dogs, including three vegetarian options, for £1.80.

The upmarket dishes are provided by luxury dog food firm Oscars.

Thomas Randell, owner of Cafe Cargo, said: “We get a lot of people with dogs coming in, so we thought, why not offer them something as well? We have created a full colour menu and it has proved to be very popular so far.

“We have 14 different meals to choose from and there is a variety of options. We have all palettes covered. A lot of people like to treat their dogs, and this is very good-quality dog food.

“All the meals come in their own dog food dishes.”

The cafe is one of the few in that area which welcomes dogs, with a conservatory area for people to sit with their dogs.

Mr Randell added: “Around 10per cent of people who come in with a dog buy food. We have one family who have been back three or four times now.

“We have only had one dog so far turn its nose up at the meals, so we had to give in and give it in a steak in the end.”

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