A MODEL from Pendle is hoping to get hearts racing when he appears on reality dating show The Love Machine.

John Sagar, 26, is set to appear on three episodes of the Sky Living programme hosted by Chris Moyles and Stacey Solomon later this month.

The newly launched the show gives contestants the option to ditch or date, initially based just on looks.

Eight contestants are in pods which light up. If the person choosing likes what he or she sees, they invite the other down to ask questions ahead of a potential date.

John, who is from Keighley Road in Laneshawbridge, went to London to film the show in November and last month returned to film a follow up programme.

The former Nelson and Colne College student who has modelled with Playgirl photographer Tom Watkin, and appeared as the Genie in “Aladdin” at York Opera House, is not able to reveal whether he was lucky in love.

He said: “I’ve never really thought about going on a dating show. I had been single for about a year and my friend called saying that he was approached to be on The Love Machine but he had a girlfriend. He gave me the number to call so I thought I would give it a go.

“About an hour later I had a Skype interview asking me about what types of girls I liked and quizzing me on previous relationships. I honestly didn’t think I had been successful so I was shocked when I received a call later that day asking me to go to London two days later.

“I found the who experience quite nerve–wracking. The studio has about 500 people watching live and millions more viewers will be switching on at home.

“When your light goes on in your pod there are lots of screams from the audience. It was a strange experience because you are totally scrutinised by the way you look.

“It was a fantastic experience and I have applied for quiz shows since but I wouldn’t go on another dating show.”

To see if John falls head over heels or heartbroken tune in to the first of the three episodes scheduled to be aired at 6pm on Sky Living on Sunday, April 29. The other two episodes being aired on the subsequent Sundays.