CALLS have been made to fence off an alleyway that is being used for “illicit sex and drug taking” in Colne.

Councillors are looking at funding a gate that could close off the alley that runs off Skipton Road to stop people going down there.

The issue came to light after residents approached ward councillors fed up with the problems occurring near to their homes.

Coun Neil Butterworth said: “It is a small alleyway that is used regularly for drug taking and illicit sex.

“The police have been called on a number of separate occasions, and residents are grateful for their response, but they can’t be there 24 hours a day.

“Drugs and needles have had to be removed from the alleyway on several occasions, yet within days they are back. This is an almost daily occurrence.

“Earlier this week two men went down the alleyway and were there for around 15 minutes with torches, which is a worry for residents.

“It isn’t fair on the residents that this is happening and something should be done. The residents want to see a gate put up.”

Neil Watson, planning and building control manager at Pendle Council, said: “It should be relatively straight forward to look at who owns the land and advising on what can be done.”

Pendle Council officers will look in to the land ownership situation and try to find a resolution before the next meeting of Colne Committee at the end of March.

Coun Butterworth said: “There is a factory alongside this alleyway and they are happy to do whatever it takes to stop the problem.

“I have spoken to the business and they want to see the issue solved as well.”