A COUNCILLOR has put in application to remove two trees in a woodland area.

A Pendle councillor has submitted an application to Pendle Council to retain and protect trees at Hey Royd, on Skipton Old Road, Colne.

The site of the kitchen garden is dominated by self-seeded sycamore trees that have been allowed to grow out over the years, council officers have said.

The owner of the property said they want to restore the site back to a kitchen garden similar to what would have been on site during the Victorian Period.

The applicant wants to remove two Beech trees and plant two Hazel trees to mitigate the loss of the trees.

The aim is to improve the diversity of species in the woodland garden and create greater benefits of wildlife.

The councillor wants to retain the amenity, ecological value of trees by promoting high standards of tree care at the site and 'enhance' the area's historical landscape features, including the kitchen and woodland gardens.

The trees were inspected by the Principal Environment Officer and found to be in reasonable condition although they would not be considered 'good specimens'.

Colne Town Council said: "We support this proposal seeking to restore its natural beauty and heritage feel."

It will be discussed at the next Colne and District committee meeting at Colne Town Hall tonight from 7pm.