CONTROVERSIAL plans to convert a former horse stable into dog breeding facilities have been slammed by objectors.

The proposals include increasing the building by 50 per cent and constructing an office at the fully-licensed Douglass Hall Kennels in Newchurch-in-Pendle.

Within the planning application, a spokesman on behalf of the applicant, Eric Lancaster, said the intentions are to improve the facilities for the welfare of the current animals, not to increase their numbers.

Around a dozen objections have been submitted to Pendle Council about the proposals.

A Facebook group called ‘Say no to farmed puppies in Pendle’ was also set up by objectors.

One resident said: “The proposed buildings are to be constructed of timber with corrugated metal roofing, this will not afford in anyway of insulating and heating the premises.

“It is a requirement of care for these animals the buildings are kept warm in winter and cool in summer.

“A planning applications needs to show a market need to be considered as viable.

“There is no market need for more breeding establishments, so the applicant should be refused.”

The proposals also include tarmacking the existing car park and expand

Ellen Davies, of Brierfield, said: “I strongly object to this application.

“No exercise area has been provided as required, and planning permission would be required for this area if it was provided.

“It has inadequate housing facilities for the dogs to be housed there.

“There is also no adequate staff facilities provided nor intention to provide them.”

The business has a licence for 10 breeding bitches and currently operates on both a breeding and pet shop licence, and has a countrywide customer base.

Within the planning application, a spokesman said the business has been in operation for six years and during this time there have been no complaints or general issues raised by neighbours.

Mr Lancaster said: “The vast majority who have objected have never visited our establishment.

“We are a fully licensed and regulated breeder and pet shop.

“We are under constant veterinary supervision and are fully supported by Myerscough vets."

, who have even written a letter of support.”

The proposals will be discussed by the council’s planning committee later this year.