RESIDENTS who kicked up a stink about a 'disgusting smell' from an abattoir in Colne have received an apology from bosses.

A Facebook page called 'the smell of Woodheads has got to stop' was created on August 11 and attracted more than 100 members in it’s first day, each complaining of the smell generated at Woodheads Brothers pig processing plant.

Members decided to write to their MP Andrew Stephenson about the problem and called on the Environment Agency to investigate.

Diane Brierley, one of the residents behind the action, said: “I live about a mile away in Nelson and we can smell it from here.

“Sometimes it smells like animal manure, as though a tractor is muck spreading but it’s often a lot worse. The smell is indescribable. It’s the stench of death.”

Environment Agency Officer, Jon Mellor visited the abattoir to investigate the smell.

He said: "Our investigation confirmed there was an issue with the system they use to clean the air coming out of their blood tank.

"We visited the site again on Friday and confirmed the air cleaning system had been repaired, however, we have asked the company to conduct additional work to reduce the risk of it happening again.

"We will monitor progress during our routine regulation of the site and are considering whether any enforcement action needs to be taken.”

Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson said: “Having previously lived on Burnley Road very close to this site I know how bad it can be when things go wrong and the recent smells have been pretty bad. I am pleased that following contact from myself and other residents Woodheads have taken steps to address this issue.”

A spokesperson from Woodheads said: “We rectified the problem as soon as we were made aware and have taken steps to ensure it doesn’t re-occur. An Environmental Health Officer has visited the site and confirmed they are satisfied with the action we have taken. We apologise to any residents who were affected.”