THE Rotary Club of Barnoldswick and Earby handed over a potentially life-saving defibrillator in Barnoldswick town centre.

The emergency equipment, installed in the town centre’s main car park, was accepted by town council chairman Claire Teall.

Rotarian Michael Peckover explained that the defibrillator was for use in an emergency by members of the public and could be accessed after dialling 999 and contacting the ambulance service. The defibrillator could be used by people without training to revive a casualty whose heart had stopped beating.

“I would like to say a massive thank-you on behalf of the town council and all our townsfolk to the Rotary Club for their donation for our defibrillator which is here, placed in a central location within the town,” said Coun Teall. “While we hope it is never needed, it is comforting for the townspeople of Barlick to know that there is an easily accessible defibrillator available.”

The defibrillator is one of two which has been provided after fundraising by the Rotary Club. The second machine is at Earby bus station.