A BRIERFIELD institution could disappear from the town centre if a buyer is found for the building.
Oddies bakery has been put up for sale, and a spokeswoman confirmed the shop may leave Brierfield altogether.
She said the Brierfield branch of the popular East Lancashire chain may be closed to make way for a new shop in Blackburn town centre, in addition to the existing outlet in Blackburn market.
The spokeswoman said the shop may close because it is ‘not very’ profitable, which she admitted could be due to the ethnic make-up of the area.
She said: “It’s not definite, it’s up for sale.
“It’s not very profitable. We’re possibly looking at opening another shop elsewhere, in Blackburn town centre.”
The spokeswoman also said that work was needed to the building.
She said: “We’ve spent a lot of money on the property, but work needs to be done on part of the roof, at the back.
“We own the building. It needs some money spending on it if we sell it, but that will depend on getting a suitable buyer.”
Local residents have said they will miss the popular bakery if it leaves Brierfield.
Simon Rushton, 34, who lives in Reedley Road, said: “I’ve got a slightly unhealthy obsession with parkin, so I will miss Oddies!
“It’s been there for years.
“It’s been there all my life, or for as long as I can remember anyway.
“I’ll shop elsewhere if it goes. It’s a nice luxury, and if I’m in Nelson or Burnley I’d shop there, but I wouldn’t go out of my way.
“I don’t think it’s to do with the nature of the area. They’ve not moved with the times.
“They’ve kept the same products but the prices haven’t gone up and they haven’t kept competitive.”