A SCHEME to brand Pendle as the place to ‘work, live and play’ is to be launched in March.

Councillors on the executive committee approved the new project, with the slogan ‘Pendle – The In Place to Work – Live – Play.’ It is designed to be a partnership between the public and private sectors and will also see the launch of a new shield shape logo, which can be used by local firms.

Coun James Starkie, who is leading the initiative, said: “We’re launching an enterprising marketing initiative for Pendle’s future.

“Pendle is more than a district council, it is now an established geographical area with a great deal to offer.”

The shields will be designed with slogan such as ‘Shop in Pendle’, ‘Stay in Pendle’, ‘Made in Pendle’, ‘Learn in Pendle’, ‘Fish in Pendle’ and ‘Walk in Pendle’.

The aim of the branding is to encourage employment opportunities for a stronger local economy, promote the local housing market and highlight Pendle’s recreational facilities.

Coun Starkie said: “Part of this campaign is designed to change hearts and minds, so that we can all have pride in Pendle and work together to make the most of our wonderful borough.”

The launch date is at the end of March to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Pendle Council.

Events are also being organised to celebrate Pendle’s birthday, including some which look back to what Pendle was like when it was formed in 1974.