RETAINED firefighters are being sought to serve at stations throughout Pendle.

Part-time recruits are required for roles at Earby, Barnoldswick, and Colne stations.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said to be eligible for the positions, applicants must be able to respond and arrive at their nearest station within five minutes.

They must also have permission from their current employer, and maintain a reasonable standard of fitness.

A spokesperson said: “The job is one of enormous contrasts, offering the immense satisfaction of saving lives, and alleviating suffering certainly, but presenting the firefighter with the challenge of dealing with harrowing, and possibly tragic, circumstances on occasion.

“At other times, they may be taking vital fire safety messages into schools, homes, places of work, or training newcomers in the role.”

Firefighters must be 18 years of age when they join, but 17-year-olds can apply.

More information is available at www.lancsfire