A £13,500 cannabis farmer could end up back behind bars if an insurance company doesn’t pay up soon over a car crash, a court heard.

Shaun Glover, 28, had been ordered to hand over £6,190 after a proceeds of crime hearing.

His car was his only realisable asset, but it had been written off after another driver smashed into the back of him.

The other driver’s insurance company had not yet paid out over the claim and time was running out for Glover to pay, Burnley Crown Court was told.

Glover has until March 14 to pay the £6, 190 or he could face 14 days in prison.

Judge Beverley Lunt said she understood Glover was doing everything he could to try and pay and told the hearing there should be ‘a warning shot across the bows’ of the insurers.

The court was told the order was made last July and Glover was given six months to pay, with 14 days in prison in default. Glover has arranged to sell his vehicle, but it was written off in the crash.

His solicitor Richard Taylor said he had written to the court and the time allowed to pay the £6,190 had been extended until February 1.

He had still not had the cheque from the insurance company and had again written to the court to explain the matters were out of his control.

Glover, of Glenfield Road, Nelson, was locked up for eight months in March last year, after the court had been told he had a £13,500 cannabis farm and was planning to make cakes with the drug.