COUNCILLORS in Barnoldswick are set to call for action after finding more than 50 different sections of road blighted by potholes.

LibDem David Whipp co-ordinated the survey and checked the condition of all Barnoldswick’s roads and pavements.

The condition of the roads were discussed by councillors on the West Craven Committee and the list is now to be passed on to Lancashire County Council for action to be taken.

Coun Whipp said: “We’ve put together a list of the worst potholes and problems on our pavements and roads and are asking the county council to take urgent action to make them safe.

“The list would have been much longer if we’d included all the defects we found.

“We’re asking the county council to take urgent action to make these potholes safe. There’s a very real risk to cyclists and people on foot, not to mention the damage being caused to people’s cars.

“Although the winter frosts are taking their toll on road and pavement surfaces, many of these problems were apparent last summer, were reported to the county council and could have been dealt with before winter set in.

“It’s disappointing that problems haven’t been dealt with before they’ve become bigger and more expensive to put right.”

On Monday, the Lancashire Telegraph reported that an extra 6,000 potholes had been reported to the county council this winter due to the harsh weather, and campaigners said the county faced a ‘pothole epidemic’.

Earlier this week Lancashire county councillor Tim Ashton, cabinet member for highways and transport, said the county council budget for highway repairs would not be cut.