A ‘DRUNKEN’ man found sitting in someone else’s car by police was asked what he was doing there and replied: “I have no idea.”

Burnley magistrates heard how Richard Reece Wood, 20, had rolled the Ford Focus about 25 feet, hit a wall and damaged the bumper after releasing the handbrake.

He could not really explain how he came to be in the vehicle, belonging to a woman he did not know, but thought it might have been because he was cold.

The hearing was told officers had seen the car’s headlights on, but were unable to see if anybody was inside because the windows were misted up.

They found the defendant, he smelled strongly of alcohol, was ‘quite drunk’, had trouble staying awake and said he had no idea what he was doing there.

Wood, of Dunderdale Avenue, Nelson, admitted aggravated vehicle taking and driving with excess alcohol, on the rear of Manchester Road, Burnley, on December 30. He was fined £300, with £85 costs and £100 compensation and was banned for 20 months.

Alex Mann, prosecuting, said Wood didn’t remember much about the incident.

The car owner had parked up outside her home at about 6.30pm and by the time she went back to it, it had rolled and hit a wall.

Police tested the defendant and he gave a sample of breath which showed 74 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath – the legal limit is 35.

Jeremy Frain, for Wood, said other than speculate he got in the car because he was cold, he couldn’t really explain what he had done.

The defendant had been drinking at a party. His behaviour had been out of character.

The solicitor said: “Were he not in drink, I do not believe these two offences would have been committed.”

Mr Frain added: “He has asked me to apologise to the owner of the vehicle.

“He is ashamed and embarrassed at the inconvenience he has caused.”