A SCHOOL in Colne has made significant improvements over the past two years, according to an education watchdog.

Good leadership by headteacher John Robertshaw and teamwork have seen Sacred Heart RC Primary improve from a ‘satisfactory’ to a ‘good’ rating from schools inspection agency Ofsted.

Teachers at the Red Lane school are said to set ‘creative and interesting’ lessons which ensure the 202 pupils on roll make good progress.

Sue Sharkey, the lead inspector for an assessment last December, said: “Strong leadership by the headteacher has helped to create a skilful team of leaders, teachers and managers throughout the school.”

Her inspection also noted, alongside the good read and writing skills of pupils, that they enjoyed an imaginative range of clubs and activities, to stimulate their minds.

Pupils are also commended by the inspectors for their ‘very positive attitudes’ towards learning and their good behaviour in and around school. The school has been told that it needs to develop certain areas in order for it to be considered an ‘outstanding’ institution in the future.

More opportunities could be given for pupils to demonstrate their problem solving skills in maths and transferring that to other subject areas.

And a greater use of information technology may also improve English and maths classes, according to Mrs Sharkey’s inspection team.

Headteacher Mr Robertshaw said: “I’m delighted with the progress the school has made. We have worked hard to develop our curriculum and teaching so that our children are inspired to become independent learners who love coming to school.”