A BRIERFIELD man has been fined £485 for leaving out his wheelie bin after collection day.

On July 13, 2012, Jason McKenzie, of Albion Street, was sent a warning letter after his bin had been seen left out on the street long after collection day. After receiving the initial letter McKenzie, 57, did not take in his bin and at the end of July the council’s waste management team served a Section 46 notice on him.

Two weeks after the notice was issued the officer returned to inspect and the bin was still out on the street. In September a Fixed Penalty Notice for £80 was sent, but McKenzie failed to pay this and was subsequently taken to court.

Reedley magistrates fined McKenzie £400 and ordered him to pay £70 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Coun John David, who represents environmental services in Pendle, said: “People who leave out their bins long after collection day have no regard for the appearance of their neighbourhood. It’s unsightly and inconsiderate, and can also cause an obstruction to traffic and pedestrians. Under the Environmental Protection Act, we take action against people who persistently do this.”