A CARE worker who had her car vandalised twice in a matter of weeks outside the same house in Brierfield fears she is being targeted.

A gang of teenage youths have twice caused damage to Lorraine Arden’s Renault Megane in Walter Street, Brierfield.

In the most recent incident, both wing mirrors were damaged.

Lorraine, 55, who lives in the Burnley area, said: “It started a few weeks ago when a group of young people were hanging around my car as I was inside it.

“They started sitting on the bonnet and I asked them to move on.

“ Then last week they were hanging around again while I was in the area, and when I came out of the house they had damaged the car.

“It’s not just the damage, either it is verbal abuse, threatening to damage my car and things like that.

“I do ten days on and four days off so I visit the house most days. It is worrying and quite intimidating.

“When I come out it is about 6pm so it is dark outside.

“Last week I would say there were around 15 of them hanging around.

“I’ve been told by police to consider parking somewhere else but I shouldn’t have to.

“I should be able to park there as that is where I am working.”

Police said they were investigating the latest incident, and urged any witnesses or anybody with information to call them on non-emergency number 101.