TWO hooded and masked raiders have been locked up for a total of nine years after a man was attacked with a pitchfork and hammer in his home and his car stolen.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Edward Nuttall thought he was going to die after Wraith Greenwood, 21, and Jordan Connelly, 20, turned up at his house in Brierfield, the bed-room door was smashed and Greenwood set about him with the fork.

Mr Nuttall's Renault Megane was then driven off while the victim was left injured after the incident in August last year. Both defendants, who were recognised by a friend of the victim as thy fled and their disguises slipped, were said to have been drinking heavily at the time of the trouble.

Greenwood, who then committed a street robbery, was arrested that day after his accomplice drove off in the vehicle and left him.

The defendant, of Commercial Street, Brierfield, and Connelly, of Dorset Avenue, Padiham, both admitted aggravated bur-glary and theft. Greenwood, who also pleaded guilty to wounding, was jailed for five years.

Connelly, who was also committed for sentence by magistrates, after being convicted of dangerous driving, drink driving, possessing cannabis and no insurance after a separate incident in August, was jailed for four years. He was banned for a year and must take an extended retest.

David Macro, prosecuting, said Mr Nuttall heard banging on the door. It burst open and two men ‘came screaming into the property’. They were wearing hoods and their faces were obscured by scarves. One was armed with a claw hammer raised at shoulder height and the second picked up a pitch fork from just inside the door. Mr Nuttall ran into the lounge to ring 999 and the pair followed him, still screaming.

The victim ran upstairs into the bedroom and tried to keep the door shut with his body weight. The top of the door gave away and the hammer was put through it, followed by the pitchfork.

He then heard a voice downstairs, shouting: “I have got it.” The men ran off and when Mr Nuttall looked out of the bedroom window, he saw three people running down the back street.

Mr Macro said Mr Nuttall had suffered several lumps, cuts to his head, stab marks, bruising and soreness. Twenty minutes later the Megane was involved in a crash in Burnley and people were injured.

Tim Storrie, for Greenwood, said: “He means this to be the last time he is ever placed in custody.”

For Connelly, Simon Gurney said his behaviour was totally out of character.