DEVELOPERS behind plans to build over 100 homes on the former Jimmy Nelson playing fields site in Nelson have appealed the council’s decision to reject the application.

The scheme from Gleeson Homes has twice been turned down by Pendle Council, but the developers have now lodged an official appeal against the decision with the Government’s Planning Inspectorate.

When the plans were rejected for a second time at the end of July council bosses told the development control committee that they feared Gleeson would appeal, and that the council would be forced to pay costs for an ‘unreasonable’ decision.

The £10million scheme was rejected in April because of a lack of open space, but in July it was rejected because of highways concerns and a lack of open space.

Residents living in Priory Chase have waged a 12-month battle to stop the estate being built. The plans for the estate would see access gained via Priory Chase, and residents have said this is not suitable and would exasperate traffic problems in the area.

In November 2011 Pendle Council agreed a deal with Gleeson’s to sell a one-metre strip of land to them for £285,000 at the end of Priory Chase which would allow the access road to be extended.

But that deal will only go ahead if the development was approved.

The planning appeal will now be considered by a planning inspector at a later date.