DANGEROUS trees in a Nelson park are to be cut down and replaced as part of a scheme to breathe new life into the park.

The Friends of Walverden Park said earlier this year that the situation with trees had reached ‘crisis point’.

The park has around 450 trees but they were all planted at a similar time and many are now at the end of their life span.

Coun Nadeem Ahmed, executive member for parks and recreation, said: “The trees that have been identified for removal are diseased and coming to the end of their lives, and some are potentially dangerous.

“It’s so important that our parks are safe environments for people to spend their leisure time and exercise their dogs. That’s why we have to remove these unsafe trees.

“We will be replacing them. In fact, in the early part of 2013 we’ll plant more than the 20 trees that are being removed.”

The trees - which include sycamore, lime and horse chestnut trees – were identified as unsafe through a tree survey paid for by the Friends of Walverden Park.

Nelson Area Committee have helped to fund a woodland management plan for the park and the tree felling works.

Keith Chadwick, chair of the Friends of Walverden Park, said: “The Friends of Walverden Park are working closely with the Pendle Parks department on the tree management plan which aims to effect a long term future for the wooded areas of Walverden Park.

“The Friends believe that this plan is the best way to achieve the long term future of this essential public asset.”

The tree felling work in the park will start in the week commencing November 12.