A ROW of derelict terraces which became famous for creating ‘East Lancashire’s worst street’ are finally being flattened.

Yesterday the majority of the dangerous properties in Rishton’s Spring Street had been razed to the ground, with the remainder of the demolition expected to be completed today.

At the height of the problems on the street, firefighters were called to the stretch of 11 properties 33 times in just six months.

As well as encouraging arson and anti-social behaviour, many of the homes have no roof, or internal structure, with several appeared to lean into the pathway. The buildings had deteriorated to such a degree that they were dangerously unsafe.

The demolition marks a victory for residents after ten years of campaigning for the empty properties to be addressed. Clearance of the area should be completed within weeks following the last demolition.

Rishton Coun Harry Grayson said the demolition work marked a victory for residents after ten years of campaigning.

He said: “I have very mixed feelings about today because I was born in Spring Street and remember the community we used to have there. Nobody locked their doors and people looked out for one another.

“It is sad that we had to pull these houses down, because they were good houses before they were left empty. However they degenerated to the point that it created a nightmare situation for neighbours.

“Now the way has been paved for this plot to be regenerated.”

Fellow ward councillor Ken Moss said: “It is terrific to see these houses finally coming down.

"They have been a blot on the landscape for so long and residents can now finally breathe a sigh of relief”.

An outline planning application to create a canalside flats development at the site has been submitted to Hyndburn Council, but no firm plans for the area’s future have yet been made.