HUNCOAT businesses are to form a super-partnership aimed at boosting trade in the area and protecting themselves from crime.

The plans would see around 25 firms join forces under a not-for-profit company through Hyndburn Council.

The idea to create a ‘Business Improvement District’ at Huncoat Industrial Estate would see firms each pay a fee into the intiative.

It is hoped they can then provide added security, such as CCTV and improved waste services at the industrial estate, plus promotions and events which would strengthen trade in the area as a whole.

Companies would each receive a vote which can be used in making decisions for the area’s improvement, such as landscaping changes.

The proposal, which will provide a security guard to patrol the estate, and also pay for a guard house, is expected to also have a significant effect on crime figures.

Huncoat councillor Dave Parkins said the proposal could see the industrial estate transformed.

He said: “It is looking a bit tired at the moment and businesses will want somewhere with lots of greenery with a smart appearance.

“It is what visitors to the existing businesses will want to see and hopefully it will encourage more firms to set up their base in Huncoat.”

The proposal is to be sent to all tenants of Huncoat Industrial Estate who will be invited to take part in a postal balllot.

If a majority, both by number and by rateable value, approve the proposal, all ratepayers will contribute through their business rates.

Should the scheme go ahead, it is expected that around 25 firms will become part of the Huncoat Business Improvement District, which is to be set up and managed by Groundwork Pennine Lancashire.