A WOMAN with a rare condition that has left her with 15-stone legs will appear in a documentary tonight after part of her left leg was amputated.

Mandy Sellars, 36, who has from Proteus syndrome – the same condition that affected ‘Elephant Man’ Joseph Merrick – was in constant pain following an infection on her left foot.

The documentary, Losing One of My Giant Legs, follows Mandy’s recovery after the life changing operation.

Mandy, of Bolton Avenue, Huncoat, developed cellulitis, an ongoing bacterial infection, in 1995 which turned septic last year.

After consultation, surgeons at Liverpool Royal Hospital agreed to amputate her left leg from the knee down to save her life in January 2010.

Mandy, an RSCPA volunteer before her operation, is seen learning to walk with a carbon fibre and metal prosthetic leg.

She now uses a wheelchair while receiving physio to walk with the false limb.

Mandy said: “The documentary follows me after the amputation of my left leg.

"It shows how I’m trying to get my life back to normal and follows my journey.

“My leg has continued to grow width ways since the operation and doctors are doing gene tests to find out more about the condition and I’m waiting for the results.

“Before my leg was amputated it was constantly getting infected and since the operation I feel so much better.”

Mandy spent five months in hospital recovering from the operation, as well as waiting for adjustments to her flat to ensure she could be independent again.

She said: “I’m looking forward to the documentary. I want to raise awareness about the condition.”

The 45-minute documentary is on at 9pm tonight as part of Channel 5’s Extraordinary People season.