A MAN has been evicted from his home after subjecting his neighbours to a ‘life of misery’.

Leon Koman is said to have made life unbearable for neighbours with 12 months of loud music and aggression, incuding banging on doors and yelling at neighbours at Lindsey House, Buckingham Grove in Church.

His behaviour, which included him playing guitar loudly until the early hours of the morning, led Hyndburn Homes to have an injunction order made against him in October.

When his poor behaviour continued, even subjecting a female neighbour to abuse by approaching her in Accrington Town Centre to harrass her, he was taken back to court.

At Accrington County Court a judge decided not to send Koman to prison for breaching the court order, but awarded Hyndburn Homes powers to begin eviction proceedings.

The 35-year-old had been a tenant of Hyndburn Homes since 2005 but had not posed any nuisance to neighbours until a year ago.

Hyndburn Homes evicted him from his address last week after gaining a further warrant to have him removed from the property.

In addition to breaching his tenancy with loud music and anti-social behaviour, he had also caused damage to his door and windows.

Dave Motley, housing officer, said: “We tried to get Mr Koman to change his behaviour but he would not co-operate, even after we went to court to get an injunction.”

During the court hearings, the female neighbour told of her experiences living near Koman, leading the county court judge to praise the victim for her courage and her evidence.

David Perry, Hyndburn Homes neighbourhood manager, said: “The guitar playing was so loud that even during the daytime it was unacceptable. When it continued into the night, Koman was aggressive.

“We would have preferred he change his behaviour rather than evict, but that did not happen. Once Koman was in serious breach of his injunction it was a choice between committal to prison or eviction.”

Koman could still face a prison sentence if he returns to harass his former neighbour.