A HUNT has been launched for two dogs after they bit a young boy making his way to school.

Police in Accrington are appealing for information after the 11-year-old was attacked by the two Rottweiler or pit-bull type dogs.

Anthony Braithwaite was targeted by the animals as he walked along Lime Road in Accrington, just as he approached the junction with Marlborough Road.

His parents Jacqueline and Philip say the incident, which saw his trousers torn away and blood pour from his leg, left him traumatised for some time.

However Jacqueline said the attack could have been worse if it had not been for Hyndburn’s dog warden, who drove up and frightened the animals away just as they bit into Anthony’s leg at the knee.

Jacqueline said: “It looked very scary at the time with blood everywhere. However when the hospital cleaned him up they were satisfied he would heal well.

“It has left a scar and it was his worst nightmare come true. He has always had a fear of dogs and was very shaken and frightened. We had to bring him home from school afterwards because it was his route from school and he was afraid of seeing them again. We just want to find out who owns these animals so they can be taken off the streets”.

Dad Philip said: “They are just roaming free and they are obviously unsafe. Animals like these are status symbols for some people.”

The incident took place at around 3.45pm on Monday March 19. When disturbed, the dogs ran off in the direction of Queens Road and despite an immediate search of the area by both police officers and the Hyndburn Council Dog Warden, the dogs were not located and police are appealing to any witnesses to come forward.

The dogs have been described as all black in colour.

PC Anna Gavela said: “We are appealing to anyone who may have been in the area at the time and has any information that could help to contact us.”

Anyone who saw anything are asked to call police on the non-emergency number 101.