A 50-YEAR-OLD Oswaldtwistle man who had been terrorised by teenage yobs for two years ended up being arrested himself after he called the police to the latest incident of anti-social behaviour.

Violence flared when police arrived to deal with the gang of 15 teenagers who were causing a nuisance in the Blackburn Road area of West End.

Alan Loynd said when he went out, a police officer was being assaulted and he himself was attacked when he went to the officer’s assistance.

“I did swear at them and for that I was arrested,” said Mr Loynd. “It seems so wrong. Right from the start, all I have tried to do is my duty as a decent hard-working citizen and this is what happens.”

Mr Loynd said trouble first began when he caught a gang vandalising a bus stop near his home and went out to remon-strate with them.

“I got a load of abuse and ever since then I have been targeted by them. They come into my garden looking through the window, the back gate has been kicked in, and when I go out they run off shouting abuse. I am constantly ringing the police but nothing seems to get done.

“There has been no respite. It has been week in week out for the last two years,” said Mr Loynd, a fork lift truck driver.

“One officer even suggested I could move, but why should I? This is my home which I have worked hard to pay for.”

Mr Loynd said he had been assaulted during the latest inc-ident, following which several of the youths were arrested and put before the juvenile court for public order offences.

“My solicitor said I could have fought this all the way with a good chance of being acquitted, but I had to accept I used some language and I just wanted to get things over with.”

Mr Loynd, of Blackburn Road, Oswaldtwistle, pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour. He was given a conditional dis-charge for six months. The magis- trates made no order for costs.

Damian Pickup, defending, said his client had been the victim of anti-social behaviour for two years and had contacted the police on numerous occ-asions. “On this day he was walking his dog when these youths threatened him,” said Mr Pickup.

“He again called the police, but when they arrived there was quite a violent incident during which my client was doing his best to help the police.”