AN eight-year-old boy battling cerebral palsy is set to take on ‘his biggest challenge yet’.

Finley Rosbotham, from Accrington, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was three months old and was initially told he may never walk or talk.

However, Finley had botox on his left leg six weeks ago and is now looking to complete a sponsored school fun run.

The botox will loosen the muscles and hopefully allow more movement in his leg to prevent him having surgery for as long as possible.

The Peel Park Primary pupil is currently undergoing physio daily and is looking forward to the run on Tuesday, October 24.

Kelly Rosbotham, from Pearl Court, said: “This was all his idea, he said it’s his biggest challenge yet.

“Nothing holds him back and he never gives up on anything. He loves PE and sports and taking part in all these different activities. He lives as normal a life in possible because that is what he wants.

“He just wants to be the fastest in his class, it’s probably not likely but he’ll give it a go. He puts us all to shame to be honest.

“We’ll be falling apart and he says it’s ok, he’s amazing.”

The run will take place around the primary school’s football field and pupils are encouraged to do as many laps as possible.

The disease affects Finley’s left side, bladder and bowels and the family have looked at various treatments and therapy since he was diagnosed as a baby.

He will now have botox every nine months to help him move as easily as possible while wearing a splint on his leg.

His mother said although this set him back initially he is in high spirits again after having his cast off two weeks ago following the botox.

The 42-year-old said: “Finley somehow got it in his head that when the cast got took off that he would have a normal leg.

“He was a but upset at first but he had a few days and now he just looks at it as another challenge. He is an inspiration.”

Finley has a twin called Ellie who will also be taking part in the fun run.

Their mother said: “They’re just like normal siblings, they’re always arguing.

“She is great with him, she doesn’t see him as being any different.

“The teachers always say she keeps an extra eye on him at school.”

Peel Park Headteacher Alison Padgett said: “Finley is just an inspiration to us all.

“He is always happy, always smiling and a very determined little boy.”

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