A CHILD sex pervert failed to register three bank accounts with police monitoring his compliance with the sex offender register.

Blackburn magistrates heard Peter Antoni Panek had been sentenced to four years in prison for grooming a 14-year-old girl and then exploiting her for sex.

He was placed on the sex offender register after the judge in the case said he had 'disgracefully exploited' the young victim.

But he failed to reveal the existence of bank accounts as he was required to do to help police monitor his behaviour in the community.

Panek, 52, of Winnipeg Close, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to three charges of failing to comply.

He was sentenced to six weeks in prison suspended for 12 months and ordered to pay £85 costs and £115 victim surcharge.

Alex Mann, prosecuting, said the requirement to give details of bank accounts was another way the police could keep tabs on offenders.

"In the main he has complied with the requirements but the police tell me he does the bare minimum," said Mrs Mann.

Sarah Slam, defending, said it had not been a deliberate attempt to conceal the accounts by her client who used to run a barber's shop in Union Road, Oswaldtwistle.

His conviction and being placed on the sex offender register had precluded him from continuing that business.

"There is nothing untoward about his lifestyle," said Miss Aslam. "He believes one of the accounts was missed by the police when they were compiling the original form, one was used solely to buy fuel when he was running a business and the thirds was purely for when he was on holiday in Spain.

"There was noting illegal about the accounts, the crime was failing to declare their existence."