ANGRY allotments holders could form their own association to get their voices heard, it has been claimed.

Proposed changes to the allotment guidelines would see bonfires, mechanical tools, except any strimmers and mowers, and animals banned.

The council said it had already consulted with the Hyndburn Federation of Allotments on the matter, but Oswaldtwistle councillor Doug Hayes said tenants wanted a public meeting with councillors, and would launch their own federation.

He said: “We asked for a meeting to have a proper public debate on it, but that was refused.

“They said people can write in if there are any problems, but it’s up at a cabinet meeting on February 5.

“There’s a strong undercurrent that this is going to be pushed through and people will be told what they can and can’t do without any proper discussion.

“People are looking at arranging their own allotments association.”

Coun Hayes said a public meeting would be held at Tricky’s Pub in Thwaites Road, from 7pm on Wednesday.

He added: “The general feeling is alterations have been made - such as to the succession, where a wife can’t now carry on an allotment if her husband dies - and many things have been reworded.

“All people want is a chance to ask their questions.”

Chairman of the Hyndburn Federation of Allotments, Cath Holmes, said: “Coun Hayes asked for a meeting, and asked me to arrange it.

“But I said that I can’t arrange a meeting because I don’t have the information.

“Because it affects all the tenants, they should all be given the opportunity to go to a meeting.

“So it would be up to the council to sort that out. I have sent out emails to 72 people andI have had one response. Most of what is being put forward is in connection with the Allotments Act, and is common sense.”

Portfolio holder for education, leisure and arts at Hyndburn Council, Coun Ciaran Wells, said: “We have never had a standard set of regulations across allotment sites.”

The guidelines are now available to view online, at Scaitcliffe House in Ormerod Street, Accrington, or at Accrington Town Hall.

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