A 16 year old girl was beaten unconscious in the toilets of an Accrington club by another teenager and her female partner.

Blackburn magistrates heard the girl was found with her pants and top removed.

And the court was told weeks earlier she had her pants pulled down by her 17 year old assailant during a public dispute at college.

The 17 year old girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to assaulting the girl and was remitted to the youth court to be sentenced.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said the victim and her female partner were at a birthday party in the Brooks Club which was also being attended by the defendant and her partner. The victim noticed she was getting dirty looks.

Later in the evening as she came out of a cubicle in the toilets she was confronted by the 17 year old who attacked her as her partner blocked the exit.

She was punched then grabbed by the hair and pulled to the floor where she was kicked several times. As she looked up the other girl punched her in the face repeatedly.

“She thinks she blacked out at that point and came to with people standing around her,” said Miss Allan. “Her pants had been pulled down and her top taken off.”

Miss Allan said the victim was left with a stamp mark on her head, a black eye, bruises to her chin and cheek, she strained muscles in her neck and had a bruise on her shoulder.

Kerry Grieve, defending, said the girls had been friends until the incident at college.

“On the night of the latest incident there had been looks exchanged,” said Miss Grieve. “My client pleads guilty but not on the full facts as put forward by the prosecution.”