AN MP is lobbying for an increased amount of grit to be made available in his borough.

Hyndburn MP Graham Jones said he has been in talks with Lancashire County Council over supplies being made available to the area.

Mr Jones said he receives regular correspondence in which constituents request extra grit bins in Hyndburn, leading him to make inquiries with the county council. He said: “The reply I receive is that there is a limited supply, and it must be allocated according to specific criteria.

“It is a very frustrating issue, and one that I have tried to resolve in various ways over the last few years “There are also issues around neighbourhood disputes as some residents feel it is their right to steal grit from boxes to grit their drive, or for other personal use, emptying the grit box unnecessarily. I also led the public campaign in 2009 about prombems with the county council under-storing grit. This year they have 30,000 tonnes stored which allows them to do bus routes more frequently, and ensure grit bins do not lie empty.”