COMMUNITY volunteers are needed to represent their neighbourhoods as ‘street ambassadors’.

Not-for-profit community task force Mercer House 1842 is seeking volunteers in Clayton-le-Moors to receive training to run local neighbourhood groups.

Community street ambassadors act as ‘agents’ and keep a watchful eye on their local area.

And there are several areas where street ambassadors are needed.

Their role is to report on fly-tipping, neighbourhood nuisance, or crime, and to spot any-thing different, or unusual, that might affect the area.

Barbara Sharples, com-munity development worker at Mercer House, said: “It is important that we give local peop-le the opportunity to stand up for their communities, to have a stron- ger voice, and to learn how to influence, and inform, local policy.

“Things are constantly changing and there are new initiat-ives and funding all the time.

“Through this informal training we will enable people to engage in their communities, give them the knowledge and skills to represent their communities, and they will learn how to lead, and stimulate, local action.

“We would like to hear from any local people who think they might like to get invol-ved in their neighbour-hoods, or want to start up a neighbourhood, or local community group.

“We would like a team of community agents across Clayton.”

There are already about 20 volunteers working in some areas of Clayton-le-Moors, but more are needed to cover other parts. Training is provided through the Community Learning Innovation Fund.

To find out more about the training, call 07942887100, or send an email to barbara@mercer to arrange an informal chat.

Those interested in volunteering can also attend an open day, to be held at Mercer House, on January 25, from 2pm to 7pm.