A NURSERY owner who is clearing up the debris after a van smashed into her Great Harwood nursery is calling for speed calming measures in the area.

Dawn Hartley, of Little Brook Nursery in Blackburn Road, had to evacuate the pre-school children when a van ploughed into the wall outside the building, sending stones flying through the window.

One boy, aged three, received minor head injuries from a piece of flying glass but no one else was hurt during the ordeal.

She said: “I would welcome campaigns for a speed camera on this stretch of road. An incident like this should never have happened.

“It’s a very busy road and it should be made 30mph all the way along.

“It is a 30mph limit outside the nursery, but people put their foot down and speed up as they approach the 50mph sign.

“There has been a campaign for speed cameras by the community for a number of years because you get a lot of speeding motorists.

“You have a lot of parents turning into the car park with children and at the moment it’s dangerous.”