A TASK force of business owners is being set up to help shape a town’s future.

Hyndburn’s Civic Arts Centre is leading plans to organise a Town Team for Oswaldtwistle.

The team, formed recently, aims to be a forum for business owners to talk about initiatives and plans.

Civic Arts Centre director Gayle Knight said: “There have been two meetings so far, but we really need more people involved to make this work.”

The next meeting will discuss local policing issues, town twinning, exhibitions, and a shoppers audit which has been conducted in Oswaldtwistle.

Anyone who owns, or runs, a business in Oswaldtwistle is welcome. Funding has been made available via the Portas Pilot Scheme.

The next meeting is at 7.30am on Thursday, January 24, with a free breakfast provided.

Anyone who wishes to attend should contact Gayle Knight on 01254 398319, or info@civicarts centre.co.uk for the centre to plan catering numbers.