INDUSTRIAL waste dumped in the middle of fields near a beauty spot has prompted an investigation.

Councillors in Church said they were alarmed to see the barrels, strewn rubbish and industrial cardboard which now forms the view from a popular bridleway.

Flytippers have dumped the piles of rubbish on land near Hyndburn Brook in Church, off St James’ Road.

In spite of the land being far from an access road, rubbish has been tipped down the hill towards the brook below.

Ward councillor and Hyndburn Mayor John Broadley said the sight was ‘a blot on the landscape’.

He said: “It is clearly a disgrace and I have urged council officers to find out what has happened and to get to the bottom of it. The bridleway is a well used part of the area and for walkers to be confronted by a wall of rubbish like this is not on.

“It is something I feel quite strongly about and I have reported that it needs to be tackled. I know the council will put efforts into finding out who owns the land and if we can find out who is reponsible.”

Fellow ward councillor Joan Smith said: “It is quite alarming and I will be looking into it myself.

“We are lucky in Church to have beautiful areas like this which we can walk out into and enjoy.

“The other aspect is that when there is some flytipping on view, it encourages other people to flytip in the same spot as well.

“This path is off the beaten track and should be an area safe from that sort of thing. I would urge anyone who knows more about this issue to get in touch with the council.”

Hyndburn Council said they were investigating ownership of the land after the problem was raised by councillors.