BURGLARS smashed their way into the office of a furniture charity store to steal a safe.

But the thieves were unable to finish the job, leaving the safe behind to be picked up by a nightwatchman.

The two men forced open a metal shutter to gain access to Hyndburn Used Furniture Store in Fairfield Street, Accrington, on Tuesday night.

They then used a small fire extinguisher to bash open an office door and used a trolley found inside the store to remove the safe Fortunately for the charity, the burglars left the safe — containing cash and vital documents — on the site before making their escape.

Store manager Mark Lawrence said the repairs would be expensive for the charity.

He said: “The main thing for us is that we have lost a day’s takings.

“The burglars have made a mess as well. They damaged the shutter and an internal door, which will need replacing.

“There will be a major cost to the organisation in terms of repairs as it is not worth claiming on the insurance because of the excess, so it will come out of our pockets.

“Fortunately we got the safe back, which was a Godsend for us really.”

Hyndburn councillor Harry Grayson said: “Any charity that can support the needy and homeless must have the backing of the community.

“I hope that the people who have done this have a conscience and turn themselves in.”

Hyndburn Used Furniture Store is a charity that provides furniture to people on low income, benefits or facintg hardship.

It takes donations of furniture from those who do not need it to pass on to those in need throughout the year.

Police have asked for anyone with information to call them on 101.