A TEAM of employees have taken part in a tough special forces challenge to raise funds for wounded soldiers.

The team from Accrington workwear firm Kwintet, has taken part in the ‘Tough Mudder’ challenge in support of injured soldier, Sergeant Rick Clement.

Fifteen members of staff completed the twelve mile run and obstacle course to raise money for ‘A Soldier’s Journey’, the charity established by Rick after he lost both legs in Afghanistan.

Rick’s sister, Julie, works for the company and colleagues rallied around to support Rick’s own charity A Soldier’s Journey.

The Tough Mudder courses are designed by the special forces to test strength, stamina and camaraderie, and include challenges such as 12 foot walls, mud tunnels and an ice bath.

Mark Payler, demand manager at Kwintet who coordinated the team, said: “We’ve organised several events this year in support of Rick’s charity, so Tough Mudder gave us the perfect opportunity to build even further on the funds we’ve already raised.

“The course was very demanding, both physically and mentally, but we really pulled together as a team and the sense of achievement crossing the finish line was fantastic.

“Many people don’t finish the course, so we’re really proud that we were able to help each other through and raise almost £3,000 for A Soldier’s Journey.”

To find out more about A Soldier’s Journey, visit www.a-soldiers-journey.co.uk.