A DIALYSIS unit at Accrington Victoria Hospital was flooded after a faulty valve caused a pipe to leak.

The hot water caused the room to fill with steam.

Crew manager Don Brady from Hyndburn fire station said: “There was a burst pipe at the Accrington Victoria hospital. Steam was coming out of the pipe in the middle of the night in a room off the main ward in the dialysis unit.

“We were called at about 3.30am after the night porter found the leak. We managed to isolate the leaking valve and the “There were no people in the room, but there was some expensive equipment.

“A small amount of flooding was caused because of the amount of water that leaked out, but this was soon cleared.

“There was no threat to patients, but the alarm will have disturbed them in the middle of the night.”

He said fire crews were at the scene for around an hour.

A spokesman for Accrington Victoria said: “There wasn’t any damage, it was just steam from a broken pipe that set the alarm off.”