RISING star of Hyndburn Labour party Ciaran Wells is set to quit politics to pursue a legal career.

The 27-year-old executive member for education, leisure and arts in the borough will stand down as a Lancashire County Councillor at its elections in May. A year later he will quit as Netherton borough councillor when Hyndburn goes to the polls.

Mr Wells, of Great Harwood, said: “I have announced I am standing down now so I don’t leave anybody in the lurch. I have loved every minute of being a councillor since I was elected for Great Harwood ward when I was just 23.

“Having started a law degree, I just cannot change career and give it my best shot and continue what I am doing.

“I won’t be putting my feet up for 18 months. I shall continue to represent the people who voted for me.”

Hyndburn MP Graham Jones said: “Ciaran is a rising star. He will be sadly missed. I hope he returns to politics in the future.”