Police have confirmed a body found in woods at Bolton-by-Bowland on Friday is that of murdered Accrington businessman David Guilfoyle.

Shane Fitzpatrick was jailed for a minimum of 20 years in 2006 after being found guilty of killing Mr Guilfoyle a year earlier - even though no body was ever found.


Despite always maintaining his innocence, Fitzpatrick, a former guillotine operator at Calder Print in Burnley, contacted police from prison to confess to his guilt and let them know the area the body was buried.

A body was found in woods on Friday, and police confirmed it to be that of Mr Guilfoyle following a post mortem examination yesterday.

A statement issued by police said: "While we have always remained hopeful that Shane Fitzpatrick would reveal where David's body is, despite extensive enquiries and searches, we have never, until now, been able to find his body.

"Following information divulged by Shane Fitzpatrick that he had buried David's body at Admiral's Wood, searches commenced on Saturday 3rd November and a body was found on the afternoon of Friday, November 9th.

"Following a post mortem examination we can confirm that the body found during those searches has now been identified as that of David Guilfoyle.

"This development means that David's body can now be returned to his family and they can finally bury him with the dignity that he deserves."