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Parliamentary elections 2010

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Results: 649 of 650 constituencies declared

CON 306 LAB 258 LIB DEM 57 OTHER 28

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Name: Kemi Adegoke

Candidate for: Dulwich & West Norwood

Party: Conservative

Votes: 10,684


Health We are committed to real increases in the NHS budget each year. We will not make the sick pay for Labour's debt crisis. We will make sure the NHS focuses on the results of treatment - not box-ticking and targets. We will reform the way we pay companies for drugs so all effective new drugs and treatments are available on the NHS, and we will restore access to an NHS dentist to a million people. Education Every school day, over 1,000 pupils are excluded for abuse and assault and 67,000 pupils play truant. We will give teachers the tools and powers they need to keep order in the classroom. We will abolish the legal requirement of 24 hours' notice for detentions; reform the exclusion process; and give headteachers the power to ban, search for, and confiscate any items they think may cause violence or disruption. The Economy/Jobs In 3.3m no adult works. Unemployment and youth unemployment are higher than in 1997. We will take action to prevent more than half of Labour's planned increase in Employers National Insurance - a tax on jobs. We will fund 200,000 apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships, and 100,000 further education college places to give young people the skills they need to get a sustainable job for the future. Crime Today we have 100 serious knife crimes a day and a million violent crimes a year. Labour has failed. The police spend more time on paperwork than on patrol. We will free up the police from unnecessary bureaucracy and tackle the causes of crime and allow you to vote in your own police chiefs. You can then democratically choose the policing priorities in your neighbourhood. Transport We’ve been badly let down when it comes to transport investment. We have limited Underground links and yet our train services are always the first to be cut. This is because our Labour MPs only talk about new transport at election time. I will be fighting to get a better service from existing lines and to get new transport links into the area. Environment A Conservative Government will cut carbon emissions and rebuild our energy security. If we take over Lambeth Council we will work to reduce expensive waste-to-landfill, and make it easier for people to go green. We’ll give people incentives to do the right thing, rather than adopting the Labour approach of punishing residents for failing to meet obscure targets.

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