Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form secured 99.6 per cent with 55 students achieving two or more A*/A grades.

It's the seventh consecutive year of improved results for the college.

55 A Level students achieved 2 or more A*/A grades and overall 142 A-Level students gained the coveted A* or A grades.

Nelson and Colne College principal, Lyn Surgeon, said: “I am thrilled for all of our A Level students who have worked extremely hard this year and are fully deserving of their excellent success.

"In addition, our Advanced Vocational students have enjoyed 100% success, with record numbers achieving triple distinction, which is equivalent to 3 grade As at A Level.

"I am also incredibly proud of the excellent team of staff for their continued commitment and dedication to education.

"Nelson and Colne has a proud tradition of academic excellence, with whole generations of families benefitting from the education they received with us.

"We are delighted that so many of our students will now be able to go on to university or into employment with relevant skills and increased confidence.”

Students will be going to the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, The University of Manchester, The University of Liverpool, Durham University, The University of Leeds, The University of Leicester and other prestigious institutions.


M Abrahams bi, ai; A Abrar bi, ch, ma; D Adamson bi, gg; M Adil elit; M Adil fr, ps; A Ahmed ar, ell, lw; K Ahmed ar, ai, ps; Q Ahmed elit, lw; T Ahmed ell, so, cs; T Ainslie el, elit; L Airey lw, ps, so; N Alam cm, ict, ma; R Ali bs, lw, ps; T Allen ma, mt, pe, ph; H Amad acc, bs, ps; S Anderson bs, cm, hb; I Anjum ell, so; Q Anwar lw, so; I Arif bi, ch, ps; M Arif bi, ell, ps; T Asghar ell, lw, cs; N Ashraf ell, ict, cs; Z Ashraf ell, lw, ps; E Ashton ar, lw, ps; S Aslam bi, ch, so; Z Aslam acc, bs, ai; D Astin fl, ms, mt; G Astin ell, ps, so; IAzhar ict, so, cs; S Bailey fl, gh, cs; S Baker ch, ma, ph; M Bashir lw, ms, so, cs; S Batool hb, ma; Z Batool lw, ps, so; T Bi acc , ict; R Bignell acc, bs; J Bleasdale bi, pe, ps; S Boast fl, gh, ms; A Bowden ell, fl, ms; R Brown lw, so; L Bryan ma; G Burns elit, lw, mt, ps; A Cage bs, ai, ms; L Campbell ms, pg el; D Campy gg, pe; K Catlow ell, ms, ps; N Chaudhary bi, ma; L Chew ck, fr, go; J Collier el, hb, ps; C Cowgill ps, ell, lw, ps; L Dacey ell, hb, so; H Davy el, elit, hi; K Dawson ar, gg, pg; M Del Bono ar, gh, mt; T Dey ch, ell, hb; S Din ell, lw; D Eastham bs, so; J Edgerley lw, so; I Elahi bi, ch; D Fairclough bs, ma; O Farooq so; D Fishwick bi, ch, ell; R Fitzgerald bi, ch; J Flanagan fl, ms, mt; D Foster gg, ma, ph; R French el, fr; J Frost fl, gg, pe; K Gaughan el, elit, hi; R Gill ell, lw; R Golding ck, el, go, hi; S Goldsbrough bi, ch, ps; R Greaves so; M Green elit, ps, so; S Greenway bi, bs, ell; A Greenwood bi, lw, pe; C Hall ma, mt, ph; J Hargreaves el, hi, so; M Hargreaves bi, ma; S Harker go, mu, mt; S Harrison ell, ms, pg; M Hartley el, fr, hi; R Hartley elit, go, hi; J Harvey pe; N Haythornthwaite ell, ma, ms, pe; S Hefford ict, mt; S Henkelis ch, pe; M Hezzlewood cm, ma, mt; S Holdsworth ps, so; C Holgate fl; Akif Hussain bs, ai, so; Asad Hussain ell, lw, cs; F Hussain ell, so; K Hussain el, ps, cs; M Hutchinson ict, ms; M Ismail acc; S Ismail ell, lw, ps; C Jobs-Jackson bs, gh, ms; F Jones ck, ell, fr, pi; B Jorgensen bs, fl, lw; C Kane fr, mu, mt; H Kauser acc, cs; M Kauser bi, ch, ma; K Keegan ar, ms, tx; L Kegg lw, ps, cs; S Kelly ell, ms, dm; C Kendall el, fl; M Khalid gg; A Khan ell; A Khushi bi, ch, ma; C Leaver elit, fr hi; H Leaver bi, ma, ph; H Leyland ell, pi, ps; D Longworth cm, lw, ma; S Longworth bi, ch, ma; L Maddox el, elit, ms; S Maguire fl, ms, mt; A Mahmood lw; G Mahmood ch; O Mahmood bi, pe, ps; B Malik ict, so; M Malik bi, ch, so; Z Malik el, fl, ms; L Maree gh, pg, cs; J Martin bi, pe, ps; D McCaigue bs, fm, ma; S McEvoy lw, ps, so; T McGowan bi, go, lw; A McMahon elit, ms, ps; S Memon ell, ps; J Mirza gg; H Mobeen bs; Q Mohammed ai, cs; J Monaghan fm, ma, ph; K Morant ps; S Mullins bs, ma; E Murphy fl, mt, ps; S Neild bi, ch, ph; R Nolan bi, bs, ps; S Noreen fr; S Nott ms; M Nuttall acc, bs, ma; K O'Brien ell, gs, ict, ps; D Olive gh, pg; H Park gg, gh; L Parkinson ps; Arifa Parveen bi, ch, ps; Atikah Parveen lw, so, cs; R Pashley ch, ec, fm, ma; K Pearce bi, ma, tx; H Petty gg; E Phipps bi; ch, ma, ph; R Pickles fl, ms; T Pickup bs, so; R Pitcher ell, lw, so; J Plumridge bi, el; R Pollard bi, ch, pi; A Pyatt ell, ms, so; G F Qamar, lw, ps, so; P Rabbani bi, ps; Atique Rana bi, Aisha Rana bi, ch, ma; S Rashid ell, ps, so; A Rauf bi, ch, ma; M Rauf ell, lw, ps; B Rawes fl, ms, M Razaq bi, ma, ph; T Razzaq ai, tx; A Redmond fl, gh, ms; M Rehman bs, lw, so; J Reynolds so; S Richards ma; E Rigby ps, cs; H Rigby fl, ms; R Riley dm; A Rothwell go, lw, so; J Rowland gg, lw; D Ruane ell, mu, mt; S Rushworth ms, ps; S Ryan elit, hi; L Ryding mu, mt; A Saddique cs; M Salahuddin ma; S Sethi ell, gr, ms; R Shakir bi; L Sharman gs, ict, pg, ps; S Sharples ma, mu, mt; I Shazad ai; D Simpson ict; J Skipp bs, ell, ai; H Slade pg, so; I Smith el, hi, pg; L Smith bi, ch, ph; R Smith acc, bs; R Stanworth hi; A Stewart fl, R Sturdy bi, ch, gs, ms; M Suffian ell, lw, ps; P Sumpton cm, ma, mt; M Sutcliffe el,pe; K Tanvir ell, lw, ps, so; U Tariq so, cs; B Taylor el, elit, ms; S Templar Geography gg, hi, so; K Thomson ell, pg, tx; E Thorley elit, ms, so; M Titchiner elit; S Townend ell, ms, cs; C Turner ms; E Turner ell, ms, tx; T Vorontsova ma; K Walker fl; J Walton ell, ms, pg, lw; U Waqar so, cs; B Watson ai; G Webster bi, ch, hi; L Wells ICT ict; A Wheeler fr, gr , ps; G Whitaker bi, ps, so; R Whitaker ck, ell, tx; Eleanor White ell, hb, lw, ps; J Whitehead bs, ma; S Wilson Photography pg, pe; G Wood, acc, fm, ma; S Woods elit, ms; J Wormwell lw, cs; C Wright ai, ms, pe; A Yousaf ell, lw, ps; F Zaman bi, ch; S Zaman acc, bs, so

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