A SCHOOL teacher is calling for more female character role models after publishing a children’s book about a policewoman.

Claire Harrison, who lives in Lower Darwen, has taught reception classes at Church Road Primary School in Bolton for more than seven years.

The book, Police Officer Penny, follows the story of a female lead character called Penny who is a police officer for the fictional town 'Sunnyside'.

The story follows the police officer and her task to find a little boy called Jack who gets lost at the zoo.

Mrs Harrison, of Begonia View, said Penny had to walk into the lion’s den and avoid the sleeping lions.

She was later chased by an Ostrich while trying to find Jack.

Penny eventually finds Jack when he became stuck in a tree with monkeys.

The primary school teacher said she wanted to write a story which would be exciting for children.

Mrs Harrison, who has a seven-month old baby called Joey, said: “I have been a teacher for over seven years and have an idea for the types of stories children enjoy.

“This is a story you want the kids to be excited about and keep them in with ‘what happens next’.

“I chose to make the lead character female because I felt there needed to be more of a balance of female characters in jobs and careers.

“Penny has a career job in a wholly respected profession.

“She will be a good role model as a person helping others.

“I conducted my own research this year and found only 19 per cent of main characters were female compared to 81 per cent who were male.

“Just look at Postman Pat, Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder, Percy the Park Keeper and the Jolly Postman.

“I know there are some role models online but I couldn’t think of any and that’s why I decided to write this book.

“The book provides opportunities for parents to talk about safety with their child and the story will help children understand that police officers are there to help not to be frightened of.

“I think some parents use the police as a bogeyman of sorts sometimes but I want this book to tell children that they are safe strangers to talk to.”

The book is available to order online on Amazon or you can also order in store from Waterstones and other popular book stores.