ALLOTMENT holders on Tower View will be expected to vacate their properties this week.

The plot holders received notice four weeks ago that they were being moved off the site to allow the council to ‘bulldoze’ the land.

Award-winning pigeon breeder Brian Gudgeon, of Marsh House Lane, has rented the plot from the council for 33 years.

He was given the four weeks' notice, but as he has livestock he was given a two-week extension.

The six site users who live in area have been offered alternative sites.

The 70-year-old: “It’s ridiculous, they aren’t even offering me a garage, just a plot. They expect me to pack up 33 years worth of work in six weeks and move.

“If I were in a position to move, which I’m not, I would have to dismantle everything here and cart it to the new site.”

Mr Gudgeon was offered a new plot by the council, however the offer letter stated it could not hold livestock.

“How on earth can they think that is acceptable," he said. “I understand the land belongs to the council, but I have rented it from them for 33 years and paid extra to keep pigeons.

“So after 33 years they don’t owe me anything? The plot was one of the main reasons we bought the house.

“I enquired about buying it when we moved in but was told I would have to buy the whole site which, at the time, wasn’t possible.

“Then years later when I was in a position to buy the whole site I enquired again and never heard anything."

The new plot is half a mile away and Mr Gudgeon, who is disabled as a result of a back injury, believes he will not be able to manage the walk.

Like the neighbouring Bailey’s Field, which has been earmarked for housing since the 90s, council bosses are hoping the flat land will encourage housing developers to invest.

Marsh House Lane resident, Paul Fielding, who shares an allotment with his neighbour, said: “They think bulldozing the land will lure in property developers.

“It’s disgusting that we have to go through all this just for a potential sale.

Borough regeneration boss Cllr Phil Riley said: "This is the first I have hear of Mr Gudgeon’s situation. I am happy to raise the issue and see if there is any room for manoeuvre.”