A SUSPECTED arson attack damaged a lorry trailer.

Firefighters were called to Balle Street, Darwen at 9.45pm on Saturday and the initial 999 call suggested someone was trapped.

However when the three fire crews, one from Darwen and two from Blackburn, each equipped for a search and rescue mission arrived, they found no one had been trapped.

Firefighters distinguished the flames with a hosereel.

The lorry trailer was damaged, but firefighters said it was unclear if any of the contents had been damaged.

It is believed the fire was deliberately started inside the trailer.

A fire service spokesman said: “The police have been notified of the suspected arson.

“Anyone with information about the fire is urged to get in contact with the police as soon as possible to help with their investigations.

“Setting fire to lorries is very dangerous, especially trailers as their contents could be extremely flammable and cause a lot of damage.”

A spokesman for Lancashire police said they were aware of the incident and officers had launched an investigation to find those responsible.