NEW plans have been submitted to transform the site of the historic former Waterfield Mill into 26 homes.

Last year, a 35-home plan to build homes that would be rented out by Twin Valley Homes was withdrawn.

Now, owners Premier Property Holdings want to build a more spacious 26-house development with landscaping.

The single-storey, stone-built weaving shed was built in 1897 and is adjacent to earlier and contemporary terrace housing.

The mill, which had been used most recently by different businesses in separate units, was eventually demolished last year.

Drawings submitted with the plans show the site would have an L-shaped access road from Balmoral Road, just beyond the junction with Rawlinson Street.

A block of eight semi-detached houses would face on to Balmoral Road, with six semis and two detached houses lining the right-hand side of the development.

The road would then turn left for access to eight more semis and two detached homes on either side, with a small landscaped area in the middle.

Another planning document submitted by the applicant said: “The development will complement the character of the area, provide much-needed residential accommodation and avoid any detrimental impact on an already residential area.”

Whitehall councillor David Foster said: “I think it is more manageable than the 36-house development that had previously been suggested.

“I think people in the area would be happy with that.

“People just want to see the site developed now as there have been youths breaking in.

“This sounds like a much better development than the last one.”