A PENSIONER was hit with a £90 phone bill for calls she did not make after her account was accidentally connected to a different line.

When she received her bill, 78-year-old Maureen Roberts found she had been billed for calls to premium rate numbers and for calls to geographic numbers that she did not recognise.

She had always made sure that her account was in credit, and regularly topped it up with pre-paid cards, so was shocked when she received an invoice saying that her account was in the red.

BT agreed to waive the charges, but Maureen has now cancelled her contract and bought a mobile phone for fear of it happening again.

Maureen, who lives in Dobson Street, Darwen, said: “This is the second time it’s happened to me. I’m always in credit with them, and I never owe anything.

“But what they’ve done is had me hooked up to another line.

“There’s calls on there that I haven’t made. I write everything down when I use the phone, but there’s special service calls on there, and calls to Bolton. I don’t know anyone from Bolton.

“I’ve been hooked up to the wrong number. I’ve had the same number for thirty years, and kept it when I moved house, but it happened before when I lived in Cavendish Street, and I don’t really think it’s fair.

“I’m a pensioner, that phone is vital to me, because I’m on my own, but I had to cancel.

“It’s the principle that I don’t like. I’m glad I got shot of them, but I don’t think it’s fair.

“And what if it happened to somebody else that wasn’t aware?”

BT said: “BT is investigating this case as a matter of urgency.”