A ‘COURAGEOUS’ student was left battered and bruised after an armed robbery at a corner shop.

Shayaan Khan was punched 15 times in the face when he tried to prevent the theft of a till at his father’s shop, Edmund Street Off Licence.

Two men in their 20s and 30s entered the shop in hooded tops before threatening Shayaan with a concrete block and making off with the till.

Determined not to let them get away the Middlesex University student, who had only been minding the shop for his brother, said he ran out from behind the counter.

After a quick tussle in the street the pair started to get away but dropped the till in a nearby alley and fled the scene, Shayaan said.

The 24-year-old, originally from Karachi, Pakistan, who was visiting his family for Ed al-Adha, said that the incident had made him think twice about staying in the UK.

Shayaan, who said he was in a lot of pain from facial swellings and cuts, said: “Everything happened so quickly.

“One blocked my exit from the counter and held up a large concrete slab whilst the other grabbed me over the desk by my shirt collar and pulled me towards him.

“He dragged the till towards him with the other arm and tipped it off the counter.

“As soon as he had let me go I ran around the counter to try stop them but got punched 15 times.

“The main thought in my mind was just to prevent them getting away with it because it contained our family’s bread and butter.

“I wasn’t scared but looking back on it has made me think that I don’t want to stay in the UK after my studies have ended because there is too much crime and violence here.”

Detective inspector Ian Proctor said: “If it wasn’t for the courageous actions of this young man they have been able to get away with the money.

“We are still looking for the offenders and appeal for anyone who saw the incident to contact us on 101.

“One was described as in his 30s, 5ft 10ins and broad built whilst the other was in 5ft 9 ins and medium built.”