VANDALS have caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to cars during a late night spate of attacks.

Around eight vehicles are believed to have had wing mirrors kicked off leaving motorists with an unwanted Christmas gift when they woke up.

Councillor Roy Davies, who represents the Sudell ward, was one of those affected.

He said: “There were around eight wing mirrors kicked off along Olive Lane on Christmas Day night and into the early hours of Boxing Day. The people that have done this are scum, and I’m fuming.

“People need to stand up for themselves.

“If anyone knows who has done this they need to come forward and report them to the police. Someone knows who has done this.”

Coun Davies said the wing mirrors were vandalised between 11pm and 8am.

“After everyone has spent all their money on enjoying the Christmas break, someone’s idea of enjoyment is going down the street and kicking wing mirrors off.

“It’s not a major crime and we can’t expect policemen on every street but it’s going to cost some car owners hundreds of pounds to put the damage right.

“If people claim on their insurance, then their premiums are going to go up so it’s not worth it. These minor crimes have consequences. Some of the mirrors have been smashed and others are hanging on by a thread. People are having to tape their wing mirrors back on to their cars.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “This was reported to us and we are going to look into it. If anybody saw or heard anything they should get in touch with Lancashire Police on 101.”