Three cars have been involved in a smash tonight at a traffic blackspot - just days after work had started to install traffic lights.

The accident happened at the junction of the A674 Millennium Way and Blackburn Road in Whittle-le-Woods just after 6pm tonight.

The spot, once dubbed as the most dangerous junction in Lancashire, was being worked on during the day.

An eyewitness said: “It’s chaos. There are cones all over the place, no one knows where they are going, there are no signs, and it is not lit up enough.

“This is an accident waiting to happen, the way it’s been left.”

He said he had travelled through the junction during the day when it had been hard to follow the diversion signs, but in the dark it was almost impossible to tell which way to go.

The accident happened when a car coming down Millennium Way tried to turn right into Blackburn Road to Knowsley Green. It was struck by an oncoming car which was then hit by another car.

Immediately after the smash, a man wearing a flourescent red jacket got out of a driving instructor’s car and tried to direct traffic while pedestrians walked up and down the dual carriage way trying to slow traffic down.

By 6.30pm, an ambulance, the police and a fire engine had arrived at the scene.

No one from the emergency services was yet available for comment.

The roadworks are due to last for three months.